Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Resurrection of Blade Runner: The Rock Project

Every once in a while -- out of the blue -- a melody from this project would come to mind. And it was that little inspiration that moved me to revisit the archives.

I found that there were more beautiful songs in this collection that had not yet seen the light of day. They were heard only by a very select few. They lay at rest in envelopes, cases and hard-drives -- awaiting their turn in the studio to be doctored and mixed. There are those few songs that will have to wait for their resurrection. But, I did find that there were some that I felt could be heard and still appreciated now.

This, in turn, had led me to revisit the websites. And I thought it time they were revamped. So, now there is a new MEMORIA website. The Facebook page has also been updated.

I am also putting together a video clip. It'll show the scene from Blade Runner where Roy confronts Deckard at J.F. Sebastian's apartment. Instead of the movie soundtrack, it'll feature the song Thrive. Besides featuring this unheard gem from the archives, the viewer will be able to experience the scene as presented through our music and lyrics.

I still do hope to one day assemble the entire collection -- have them polished up and mixed -- and release them properly. Until then, you may listen to the selected songs featured on the website.


~ Craig

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