Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Introduction L.A. 2019

Introduction L.A. 2019 was performed during the opening of the movie Blade Runner.

This is one of twenty-five songs from "Blade Runner: The Rock Project" -- music inspired by the movie Blade Runner.

Music: Marco Spatuzzi
Lyrics: C.A. Chicoine

Carolina Di Gregorio: vocals
Marco Spatuzzi: guitar
Alessandro Bianconi: keyboards
Gianfranco Vigneri: bass
Federico Berchi: drums

Release date: Jan 1, 2009


Intro. L.A. 2019

Look into my eyes

And you will see

A paradigm

Between you and me
A sign

Traveling through space and time

A distant mirror
Fiery beasts of prey lurks waiting

To devour

Taunts as it awaits

The final hour

Look into my eyes

And you will see

This come to life

Before your eyes

"Introduction L.A. 2019" by BladeRunnerRock is licensed under a Creative Commons License

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